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Who are we?

We are "Spunky Kids"!

People associate companies with personalities. In talking to our customers, we have come to understand that they see Corebar as a character that is often referred to as “The Spunky Kid”. This is in part because of CEO & Founder, Anita, yes! But also, this perception is very influenced by the rest of TEAM Corebar and the Corebar Performers. In movies and literature, the “The Spunky Kid” type is described like this:

 “She’s marked by enthusiasm and creativity. She is jazzed with new ideas and has a broad range of interests. Gutsy and true, she is loyal to the end. You can’t help but root for her. She’s the girl with moxie. She’s the team player, the one who is always ready to lend a hand. She’s not exactly a Tomboy, but she does have certain Tomboy traits such as gut, assertiveness and determination.”

We urge all certified Corebar Performers and our team to take this personality into consideration when representing our company. On the phone, during a workout, posting on Facebook, at Corebar events – whenever we have TheCoreBar hat on – WE ARE SPUNKY KIDS!

We are gutsy!
We are fun!
We are inspirational and enthusiastic!
We are moxie!
We are loyal
We are true!
We are ambitious!
We are team players!

Our slogan is like our call sign and it does more than sum up our purpose, position and personality. It is something we actively use in everyday life to remind each other of who we are, our vision, what we do and why we work so hard every day!  Our slogan is how we say “have a great workout”. It’s how we say “see you next time”. It is our hash-tag, our message to the world!


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