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What's our driving force and values?

We get up every morning to create a world of groundbreaking fun, determination, fitness and team spirit!

We know that there are countless training forms out there ranging from gung-ho military bootcamps, to crossfit, to dance parties to technique driven martial arts. Corebar training is a truly unique and innovative, results driven, and FUN training concept!

Corebar can be found anywhere and everywhere! You can get together with like-minded determined people at the gym, train at home or anywhere else doing fun, effective exercises, set to motivating music and taught by professional and encouraging trainers! You will be surprised how much fun you are having while exploring the edge of you training limits. Just wait until you see all that you can do and achieve! Try it once and you will be hooked! 

There is one particular facial expression that we are looking for when you train with us. We see this faces time and time again. This look sums up everything about our brand…Sometimes, after a workout, looking at your smiling face, we see a surprised look in your eyes as if you are thinking “Wow, did I really do that last boost?” That look of joy, surprise and euphoria – that is what makes us stand out.

Through Corebar training you can learn how to push yourself, test your limits and improve your stamina. You will be able to go for it, all the way, without holding back, resulting in “raising the bar” – both in what you expect of yourself when you work out and when meeting challenges or obstacles in other aspects of life. If you transfer what you have learned from Corebar and the conviction that you really can do it when approaching other things in life you find difficult, your newly found courage and self-confidence will help you when facing the challenges that comes your way.

We know that, today more than ever, people just do not have time for things without value. Companies are shouting louder and louder to sell their products, and the customers are getting confused. Whether it is in social media, by word-of-mouth, or in flyers or posters; we must always communicate our values. Honestly and simply. We live and breathe our values from our founder to the newest members of Team Corebar. Our Corebar values include:

Knowledge: with highly qualified and educated people we insist upon developing safe and effective training. 

Enthusiasm: we have a strong passion for what we do. It is with true joy and happiness we live and breathe our brand. 

Presence: we are listeners. You are our source of inspiration and we use your feedback to constantly improve and grow. 

Innovative: groundbreaking and creative in developing exercises as well as unique business models. We raise the bar in our industry.

Courage: we are unshakable in our belief of our vision. We are risk takers and role models with a global ambition.