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About the COREbar

Only one piece of equipment, the COREbar, is ALWAYS used as an integral component of the Corebar® program. This is a specially designed, bent training bar with three different weight ranges.

The purpose of a bent bar is to assist in maintaining spine integrity as one performs multi-planal movements of various intensities and actions while keeping heart rate elevated. The COREbar acts as an unstable base during floorwork, adding to the complexity and challenge.

The COREbar in and of itself is of no value without the unique training system that is designed to go with it in order to maximize its use to achieve the best training results. Our expert team has put this together for you in an easy to follow, convenient method.

CorebaresCOREbar Weight Ranges

The COREbar comes in three different poundages, which are distinguishable by the color-coding on the ends of the COREbar; the lengths are the same.
2.2 pounds (red)
4.4 pounds (blue)
6.6 pounds (black)


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