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The Corebar Community

Corebar community is a closed exclusive online community designed to provide Certified Corebar Performers with all the essential tools you need to make sure you become successful as a Corebar Performer. Wherever you are working for a gym or you run your own business, this community gives you access to the following benefits:

Continuing education: We provide on-going education such as Corebar technique and teaching skills including verbal and visual cuing tips to keep you evolving into your best possible Corebar instructor.  

New Releases: We provide you with 9 new choreographies a year, 3 new Corebar HIT releases, 3 Corebar Strong releases, and 3 Corebar Mobility releases. Releases are launched every 4 months. Along with your choreography, you will receive all of your specially designed Corebar music as digital downloads. All music and tracks are worldwide licensed and designed to fit each exercise and combination.

Preparation course: The free, multiple choice test designed to get you ready for the Corebar LIVE instructor trainings.

Please note that to be able to teach Corebar training as a group fitness instructor or personal trainer and operate under TheCoreBar® trademark, you will have to be an active member of the Corebar community.