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Class formats

Using specially designed and worldwide licensed music, Corebar offers pre-choreographed group fitness classes in four different formats.

Corebar HIT™ 

The signature of Corebar HIT™ is that it’s a pure cardio class by interval training principles, with bouts of High Intensity Interval Training. It is the ultimate high intensity cardio class to take you to your full potential! It can come as a 30 minutes class with or without technique practice and the ultimate challenge for your fitness and stamina: 40 minutes without technique practice.

Corebar HIT™ is intense, energetic, playful, focused and FUN! 

Corebar Strong™

The signature of Corebar Strong™ is that it’s 30 minutes of pure core and strength. This intense, yet playful, training program is designed to get you strong from the inside out with challenging and efficient exercises to improve the strength, mobility and stability of your entire body. No fancy dance moves, just results! You’ll use the heavier bars, and it’s perfect for men.

Corebar Mobility

The signature of the Corebar Mobility™ is that it’s 30 minutes pure core, strength and mobility, with emphasis on mobility and functional strength. The class consists of a warm-up and 3 series of 7 minutes each. It is perfect as a supplement to regular strength training or if you  will challenge your whole body in a new, efficient way. You’ll leave the class feeling stronger and more mobile.