About Corebar training

The Corebar training methodology is based on a well-executed, strategically planned, total body system that includes cardio, strength, conditioning, mobility, balance and agility. It is built on principles from sport science, physiotherapy and rehabilitation training with a particular focus on activating and developing the core musculature, using the signature, weighted bar. This all-in-one, complete concept package is particularly effective, intense and challenging; therefore, providing fast, visible and progressive training results in a very fun format. Corebar creates a stronger body from the inside out!

The order of exercise execution and sequencing, as well as the exercises themselves, are proprietary to Corebar training. These exercises, their sequence and the use of the signature corebar creates the difference between the results achieved in Corebar compared to other programs.

Corebar training is considered “complete package”, training. It includes interval-based cardio and exercises that challenge the core muscles, either as strength, balance or mobility exercises.

The Corebar Philosophy:    We believe you have to sweat and train hard to get in shape but, at the same time, it should still be fun! Just as important, each time you participate in a Corebar class or you train at home, you will get more in touch with your body so you will learn how you can continue to challenge yourself. Regardless of fitness level we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone for a while and stretch your limits so you become Corebar S.T.R.O.N.G., an acronym that represents all the overall benefits you can achieve from Corebar training. Through Corebar training, you can learn how to push yourself, test your limits and improve your stamina. You will be able to go for it, all the way, without holding back, resulting in “raising the bar” – both in what you expect of yourself when you work out and when meeting challenges or obstacles in other aspects of life. If you transfer what you have learned from Corebar and the conviction that you really can do it when approaching other things in life you find difficult, your newly found courage and self-confidence might help you when facing the life challenges that comes your way.